Paul Barkovich

Paul Barkovich

For almost 20 years Paul has been working in the field of environmental health & safety with an educational background in chemistry and environmental science.  A self-proclaimed tree-hugger, his concern for environmental preservation has inspired him to better understand humankind’s relationship with Mother Nature. In 2011, he realized his dream of working in the health and fitness industry in a meaningful capacity that incorporates all aspects of one’s life, not just the physical, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Paul found the direction he was looking for at the C.H.E.K. Institute, where he began work on his most important project ever, himself.  Over these last few years Paul has made many lifestyle changes, in his pursuit of health, happiness and personal/professional success. He’s excited to share that with you!

Paul’s history with Kneaded Care has been largely in a supportive role. A partner in life and in business, Paul has served in the background, assisting Chantalle in whatever capacity necessary, be it newsletters, business plans, renovations or holding down the home fort so Chantalle could tend to business. He is now ready to take on a more active role.

As an Exercise & Lifestyle Coach, Paul brings the C.H.E.K Institute’s inside-out approach to holistic health to Brantford.  As a C.H.E.K professional, he imparts a whole system that creates health instead of combatting illness, disease and pain. Instead of addressing symptoms, the C.H.E.K system serves to identify and rectify the root cause(s). 

Away from work Paul likes to spend his time studying health, training and coaching hockey. His favourite team is his home team—wife Chantalle, son Maximilian and dog Ali, whose support and inspiration play an essential role in fulfilling his purpose in life.