I have benefits!


While smile therapy may be free, our services are not …

BUT you say you have extended healthcare benefits – commonly referred to as “benefits through work”. Generally speaking, this is a benefit that you pay for with every paycheque. If you have them, why not use them? And how does it work exactly?
Extended healthcare plans (EHC) can work in different ways. Some plans cover 100% of your treatments, others cover a set amount or a fixed percentage. Some plans will cover physiotherapy, while others cover massage therapy and some cover both. Some plans group together your physio and massage therapy under one umbrella, set to a maximum amount. Some plans require a doctor’s referral, others do not. Ultimately, how your plan is devised is between you and your employer; a call to your HR department or your benefit company can best answer that question. Check online – most insurance companies offer a website that allows you to find out the answers to all your EHC questions.
When submitting your claim to your EHC, we merely serve as an intermediary. If your plan can pay us directly, we can submit for you. Payment for your treatment will come to the clinic, and you will only need to pay for any balance outstanding (if there is one). If your plan only allows for payment to come to you as the planholder, you will need to submit yourself (and we will gladly give you a receipt for your service clearly indicating the information you will need to complete that submission). If you do need that referral, you will need to know that before you come for your first treatment as we will need a copy to complete your claim. We also have no way of knowing exactly how much has been spent on your EHC account, how much you have left, or even what your limit is. Again, this is best answered by your HR department or your EHC provider.
As of October 2018, these are the plans to which we submit directly:
• Great West Life
• Manulife
• Sunlife
• Maximum Benefit/Johnston Group
• Johnson Inc
• GreenShield and SSQ (a member of the GreenShield group)
• Blue Cross
• Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance
• Equitable Life
• Industrial Alliance

There will be a couple more forms to be filled out to facilitate your submissions – there’s always a paper trail! Beyond that, knowing what your entitlements are and how to access them is another step on road to good health.