See you soon Roxanne!



It’s going to look a little different out at our front counter for the next few weeks as our friend Roxanne has undergone some surgery.  We expect her recovery to last roughly four weeks, and look forward to having her smiling face back in the clinic before anybody even gets the chance to miss her!

This surgery is an important part of Roxanne’s personal journey, and it’s one that she’d like to share in hopes that maybe somebody may see a little bit of themselves in her story.  For much of her life, Roxanne has battled with her weight. It’s impacted her health and feelings about herself – the joints don’t work as well as they used to, back and knee pain, hits to her self-esteem.  She developed Type 2 diabetes, further affecting her health.  A few years ago she took it upon herself to take the steps that she felt she needed to take, and looked into gastric bypass surgery.  It’s been a long process for Roxanne over the past couple of years – numerous appointments with counsellors, dieticians and doctors.  Her surgery was scheduled for October 25, and reports are that she came through with flying colours! 

While this is in no way an endorsement or recommendation for surgery (we know this isn’t for everybody!), Roxanne would like everyone to know that she is making a change in her life that is right for her, at the right time, and she’s ready to do this.  She has the full support of her friends here at Kneaded Care, and we can’t wait to have her back.


Wishing you a speedy recovery, Roxanne!!