It’s that time of year!





Every Christmas season we choose as a clinic to support a charitable work out in our community.  In the past we’ve supported the SPCA, the Christmas baskets program, collected used winter clothing, among other things.  This year we’ve opted to support one of our neighbourhood schools, Holy Cross, with a winter clothing drive, and we need your help!

November 1 we started collecting NEW hats, mitts and scarves for kids from kindergarten to Grade 8, so we are looking for all sizes.  And to sweeten the donation pot just a little, we will be entering all names of those who give into a draw to win a “Winter Warmer” prize pack, as thanks for helping us keep these kids warm this winter!  This sweet little giveaway includes some hot chocolate with oversized mugs, socks, some treats, and the biggest treat of all ………. A FREE 25 MINUTE MASSAGE!! A ballot will be given for each donation (please note, not each item!), so if you’re in to see us more than once you will have more than one opportunity to win!


We will be collecting these items until November 30, and drawing that day.  As always, we thank our generous clients for your continued support!

Please help us fill these baskets!


“When we give cheerfully, and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.’  – Maya Angelou