Paying it forward





Back in the year 2000, a movie was released titled “Pay it Forward”. It introduced the concept of when a favour, or something good happens to you, you “pay it forward” by doing something good for someone else, and they in turn do something good for someone else, and so on. It’s the creation of a chain of positive events, passing from one person to the next, spreading positivity in a world that seems to desperately need it.
We recently had a pay it forward event here in the clinic that we wanted to share. A little while ago, we had one of our drives where part of the prize was a gift certificate for a 25 minute massage. The recipient felt that she didn’t want to take advantage of this, having full benefit coverage, but she didn’t want it to go to waste either. She asked her therapist if they knew someone who might appreciate receiving this free treatment, and left it with him to find the right candidate to benefit from her gesture. We all know someone who might fit this bill I’m sure, and it didn’t take Kevin long to suggest a name. That client was called, and was overjoyed to be offered this opportunity to come in for a much needed massage. She had her treatment on Saturday, and left us a card, inside of which she had written:

“Thank you for thinking of me during this holiday season. Your generosity has inspired me to “pay it forward” in some way, which (in my opinion) is what the season is about. Wishing you and your families happiness and good health.”

One small, thoughtful gesture, will lead to another, which could lead to another …..

We all have busy lives. We’re gearing up for the holidays, with shopping and parties and celebrations and preparations; but all it takes is one gesture, one kind word, one moment where we might look at the stranger behind us in line and pay for their coffee – and it could change our whole day! We might shovel our neighbour’s driveway. We might clear the snow off our coworkers’ cars. There are a million ways to pay it forward. Given the chance, would you?