So long for now!





December 28 marks Annick Dionne’s last day with us for a while, as she embarks on her newest adventure as a mother of two!  With her new son due to arrive in the new year, she will begin her maternity leave as of 4pm this afternoon.  We all wish her well, and hope she gets lots of rest now before sleep becomes a distant memory …..

We look forward to her return in 2020.  All the best to you and your growing family, Annick!

For those of you who have been seeing Annick, please feel free to book with one of our other talented RMTs for the next year or so.  Their schedules are as follows:

  • Julie Davis, Monday & Wednesday, 11am-7pm, Tuesday 1-7pm, Thursday 9am-4pm, and Saturday 8am-3pm. Julie is off Fridays.
  • Ben Filer, Tuesday & Thursday 12pm-7pm, Wednesday 10am-7pm, Friday 1pm-6pm, and Saturday 8am-3pm. Ben is off Mondays.
  • Michelle Hawkins, Monday 10am-7pm, Tuesday 7am-1pm , Thursday 3-7pm, Friday 9am-2pm, and every other Saturday 8am-3pm. Michelle is off Wednesdays.
  • Meghan McGregor, Tuesday 12-7pm, Wednesday 3-7pm, Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday 1-6pm, and Saturday 8am-3pm. Meghan is off Mondays.

If you would like to book online with another RMT to whom you are not already attached, you will need to call us at the clinic at 519-757-1869 in order to link your profile to the therapist of your choice.  Once that’s been done, you will be free to book online, as our booking system still only allows for you to be assigned to one therapist (but we’ve got our techs working on that!).

Again, we wish Annick a wonderful year off, a safe labour and delivery, and much happiness with her boys.  We’ll miss you!

And to our loyal clients, we wish you the happiest of New Year’s and look forward to continuing to serve you in 2019!