March 17, 2020

In light of the current coronavirus threat, and as per the recommendation of our professional associations, we will be closing Kneaded Care from March 17 through to the 30th. We will reopen for business March 31st.
We understand the inconvenience this causes our clients, (& it was a heart breaking decision) but it is with the understanding we must do what is required so that this virus is stopped. Our professions do not allow for “safe social distance”, as the relationship between therapist and client depends on personal closeness.
The health, safety and well being of our staff and clients are paramount, and we have put that first.
We trust that you all understand that we are doing what must be done. We hope that you are all maintaining safe social distances, going out only when necessary, and hopefully soon we will all be “back to normal”.
We will keep you posted on any changes. ❤️