Physiotherapy On-Line!

Virtual Physiotherapy

Since isolating, we were expecting that everyone would go home and do nothing but wait for all of this to pass. Well, it turns out we’ve been busier than ever and the cool thing is, we can visit you (virtually that is) in your own home. What we thought may be a barrier to treatment has worked out very well.

Even though a lot of the world stopped, pain, stiffness and discomfort did not. Those aches & pains are not going away and for many, it’s getting worse.

And that’s understandable.

…because we’re doing different things now.

  • Playing with kids on the floor and picking them up more frequently
  • Going out for a walk, run or bike ride for the first time in years
  • Sitting down more and trying to work from home
  • Crossing things off your Honey-do list

Now virtual physio is in high demand. And, we’ve been booking clients regularly for treatments. They’re saying things like:

“Wow, that was way more than I expected! I’m glad I gave it a try.”

It’s the same as before, minus a little extra hands on work. Here’s how it works:

  1. You tell your therapist what’s been going on
  2. Your therapist assesses movement, posture, positioning to determine contributing factors
  3. You’ll be coached on what to avoid, continue and program modifications (custom tailored just for you)
  4. Help you log in to PhysiApp and walk you through exercises and stretches
  5. Re-book your next session to do it all over again
  6. You instantly feel better having the peace of mind that you’re on the path to healing

Sounds simple, eh?!

As we continue in isolation our big concern is that you are going to be living with more pain–back, neck, shoulder, knee–or other problems thinking that you can’t get help because EVERYTHING is closed!

Thank goodness for technology! I’m talking more than just Fortnite & Netflix. Using PhysiApp, we can keep in touch to address your pain and keep you moving. 

Physiotherapy on-line!

Call our Physio/Massage Hotline at 1.226.841.0750 today, and we will see you soon!


Chantalle & our KC Team

PS – Feel free to share this with your friends, family or work colleagues.  We appreciate the warm referrals from our clients!