About Us

About Us


Kneaded Care Inc. was born in 2006, although it was conceptualized more than 20 years ago by Chantalle, whose dream it was to help people feel better through massage therapy. Since then, our family has expanded dramatically, and the journey has been both arduous and rewarding.

Over those years, we have come to realize that while we were trying our best at how we were living, we did little to decrease stress. So, we put our focus on being our best personally so that we could be better professionally. We changed how we eat and drink, how we think, how we move, how we perceive the world and the people in it. Now, we strive to be our best for us, so we can be our best for our work family and they in turn can be their best for you…every day a little bit better than the day before.

Much love,

Chantalle, Paul and Maximillian



A leader in the achievement of YOUR personal and professional goals.

Inspiring wellness through education, encouragement and empowerment…the rest is up to you!


Our Core Values (DEBIT):

If you’re not investing in your wellness, you’re likely investing in your pain, illness and disease. We’ve kept this idea in the back of our minds while doing an assessment of our core values. The exercise turned out to be very fruitful. The context given to the five words we’ve chosen (below) translates well from our personal to our professional philosophy. The best investment anyone can make is the investment they make in themselves.

  • Dedication: every investment we make has our Clients’ wellness in mind
  • Education: encouragement and empowerment of Clients to take control of their health
  • Balance: the essence of wellness; we work smart and we play smart
  • Integrity: we say what we mean, we mean what we say
  • Trust: the foundation of healthy Client/Practitioner relationships

Our Purpose:

Why? We believe in a world where people strive to be their best—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The bad news? The human race is sicker and in more pain than ever before, considering that the rate of cancer in 1900 was 1 in 30. Today it’s 2 in 5 (depending on your resource).

The good news? Kneaded Care provides treatment and programming to help you be your best and achieve whatever your heart desires, free of pain and illness … the only side effect is HAPPINESS.

How? We have close one-to-one relationships with our Clients. How can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are? “If we’re not assessing, we’re guessing.” Whether you’re coming to Kneaded Care for massage, physio treatments, lifestyle and exercise coaching, or acupuncture, we’re going to avoid guesswork through thorough assessment. The result will be customized treatment and programming suited to YOUR needs based on YOUR input.  We’ll work together to find YOUR solution to YOUR happiness.

What? We offer safe and effective services that WORK!  To help our Clients be their best, we must be our best and offer the very best in services. That means DEBIT Practitioners, providing the most current and effective treatment and programming that address the root cause of your pain, illness or discomfort.