Exercise & Lifestyle Coaching

Exercise & Lifestyle Coaching

If you were asked to close your eyes and imagine the best (present-day) version of yourself, what would you see in your mind’s eye? Give it a try. Do you think you’d look any different, think, feel and love differently? Would that version of you in your mind’s eye be happier than the person you see in the mirror?

That best version of yourself that you just imagined is who you truly are. How so?  In the absence of distraction, the mind-body naturally gravitates towards wellness and happiness. So, the question becomes, how are you distracted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?

Feeling stuck?  Losing your zest for life, and unsure of the path you’re on?  

Do you feel:

  • self-conscious due to body shape challenges
  • exhausted, like you can never catch up on sleep
  • you can never get a break in life
  • chronic pain
  • overwhelmed with work and life
  • bloated and have problems digesting certain foods

If you’ve answered YES to any one or more of the above, know there’s a program for YOU. Founded by Paul Chek, The C.H.E.K Institute’s system of holistic health is the most complete program in the world. There’s no other one like it—and we are so sure about it, that we offer a money back guarantee! Addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of the individual, Kneaded Care is the only Wellness Centre in Brantford using the C.H.E.K system.

What should you expect? Lifestyle and physical assessments will be done to evaluate aspects such as eating and sleeping habits, muscle imbalances and abdominal wall function. You will be given a program of corrective exercises and stretches, a customized nutrition plan and be coached on how to manage all the stressors in your life.  Could this be the program for you? One that will help you get “unstuck” from your current place in life?

But, be advised, side effects will include:

  • Increased energy & vitality
  • Achieve YOUR ideal weight and sculpting the body of your dreams
  • Increased immunity
  • Normalized sleep/wake cycle
  • Improved detoxification
  • Blood-sugar regulation
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased flexibility/strength

What are you waiting for? Call today!