November 9

It’s that time of year!

  Every Christmas season we choose as a clinic to support a charitable work out in our community.  In the past we’ve supported the SPCA, the Christmas baskets program, collected used winter clothing, among other things.  This year we’ve opted to support one of our neighbourhood schools, Holy Cross, with a winter clothing drive, and […]

November 1

We have a winner!!

    There was so much at stake in this friendly competition of ours … bragging rights, a bag of treats, and a trophy!! Drum roll please …… Congratulations to Michelle Hawkins!  Her brain eating zombie pumpkin won in a landslide.  Second place went to Bayleigh and her family with their creative white pumpkin carving.  […]

October 29

Happy Halloween!

  In the spirit of the Halloween season, we are having our inaugural Pumpkin Carving Competition here at the clinic!  If you would like to vote for your favourite, you can email us at heal@kneadedcare.com, or visit our Facebook page where the voting is open online! Contest closes at 7pm on October 30, with the […]

October 26

See you soon Roxanne!

    It’s going to look a little different out at our front counter for the next few weeks as our friend Roxanne has undergone some surgery.  We expect her recovery to last roughly four weeks, and look forward to having her smiling face back in the clinic before anybody even gets the chance to […]

October 23

Is Sport Specialization Making Youth Less Athletic?

      A new study by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, which included over 1,500 high school athletes, found that athletes who specialized in one sport were twice as likely to report a leg injury as compared to those who played multiple sports. Youth sports programs help in the […]

October 10

I have benefits!

  While smile therapy may be free, our services are not … BUT you say you have extended healthcare benefits – commonly referred to as “benefits through work”. Generally speaking, this is a benefit that you pay for with every paycheque. If you have them, why not use them? And how does it work exactly? Extended […]